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What We Offer

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is about making small changes to create more stability and meaning in your life. You could only be a few short steps away from feeling better about yourself and improving your relationships.

You can achieve more confidence, be more satisfied and content in your life. Become less sensitive to stress and be more emotionally stable.

Grief Counselling

Grief can often become overwhelming and you may feel unable to cope. Are struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel? Confused about your feelings of grief and wondering if it’s ‘normal’?

In order to move forward with your life Grief Counselling can help you understand and deal with your emotions.

Self esteem counselling

Do you experience feelings of self-doubt? Do you self-criticise or have feelings of shame?  Counselling can help you dispell these thoughts.
You can improve your confidence levels as well as re-train your brain how to value and respect yourself again.


Looking to improve your health and well-being? Hypnotherapy is a quick and effective treatment with amazing success rates.
Hypnotherapy can be very successful in helping people quit smoking, manage weight concerns, conquer fears and control addiction.

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Who is Kerry Ellis?

Kerry Ellis is a Sydney counsellor. Specialising in grief counselling and matters relating to self-esteem. She is also a certified life coach. Kerry has a private practice in Quakers Hill in Sydney’s north-west and also offers home visits for selected clients.
She has experience helping clients struggling with addiction, anxiety, grief and trauma. She has a passion for helping people to feel better about themselves in a safe, supportive environment.
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The Natural therapy pages reports “You'll be surprised at how fast distance hypnotherapy produces results. It can address anxiety and insomnia in just a matter of 10 minutes”. Thanks to smart safe technology you can attend your personalised PRIVATE SESSIONS online at a time and place convenient to you (conditions apply)