Counsellor – Clinical Hypnotherapist – Life Coach

Kerry Ellis


Kerry started working in banking and finance as a school leaver. From there she moved to a senior management role in Superannuation. Along the way, she realised the toll an unhealthy work-life balance can have on ones physical and mental health.

Kerry sought tools to help her along her corporate path and realised massage therapy was an intervention she enjoyed. She enjoyed it so much she studied a Diploma of massage therapy, Corporate Stress Therapies and Sports Injury Therapy.

During Kerry’s 20-year term as a massage therapist, she realised there were other modalities and ways of working with people to help them along their path in life. Kerry studied a Bachelor of Counselling and Applied Social Science, later adding Certificate of Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). 

Along the way Kerry found that no matter the reason clients sought her help, the majority of clients had feelings of Low Self Esteem and Low self-worth. She found that helping clients feel better about themselves, they are more empowered and better positioned to find answers and roads to be the “captain of their own ship” – able to control their paths and make suitable choices.

Having completed one of her internships with a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility, Kerry has a strong affinity for working with addiction. Again, Kerry felt that often clients with addictions were also holding beliefs consistent with low self-esteem. 

Along the way, Kerry understood that some clients didn’t need counselling, they just needed assistance creating and focusing on life goals. This led Kerry to continuing study in Life Coaching.

Forever the motivated practitioner eager to find any way possible to help clients, Kerry studied Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP where she describes this as an opportunity to add another “tool to her toolbox” when searching for ways to help clients. Kerry believes a one size fits all approach does not work for anyone, and being skilled at offering different ways of working with clients was essential to client welfare and successful outcomes.

My passion is helping people to feel better about themselves in a safe, supportive environment.”

The longer I spend working with people, the more I understand there are so many ways I can learn to be with a client, so that I can best help and support them in their journey. Continuing professional development is not only mandatory to remain a member of my professional associations, but it is also very important to me to make sure I keep my “tool box” full of ideas and knowledge never knowing when any or all of it may be useful for a client. No client is the same no matter their diagnosis or condition, so why wouldn’t I learn as many ways as possible of navigating a way through the fog and sometimes darkness for the client.

Why Do I Specialise In These Areas?

Grief Counselling

Sadly, we will all experience loss of some kind. Loss of a loved one, a pet, a job or something else important. Having suffered different kinds of loss myself, I know how important it is to know someone is listening and providing support without judgement.

Self-Esteem Counselling

Our self-esteem is affected by many factors. If it is negative, it can have a detrimental effect on how we live our lives. Healthy self-esteem provides greater opportunities for us in life and knowing we are not defined by others’ thoughts and opinions, is very powerful.

Life Coach

Do you often say to yourself; “I don’t like my job” or “I don’t like where I live” or “I don’t have a purpose in my life”? Everyone has a purpose and a unique journey. Life coaching uses the strengths of an individual to help gain clarity and set achievable goals.


Professional Membership

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