We were once all children right?

Why is this topic and question important? For some, Childhood holds many memories, both good and bad and most certainly they are individual and different for everyone. Not everyone has fond memories of childhood being filled with play, fun and love and sometimes when trying to recall our memories, we cant or they are painful.

Identifying Your Inner Child

For those who recall painful childhoods for any reason and feel like they are struggling through their adult years, identifying with and working with your inner child can provide opportunity for profound engagement with the inner child leading to positive change.

Often those painful memories are buried to protect you the child and adult.

The act of Hiding these painful memories from childhood can surface later in life as difficulties managing and holding relationships and meeting your life needs and goals.

The process of acknowledging your inner child can provide a path to healing and an opportunity to move toward a fulfilling life.

Connect with your Inner Child

Listening to and bringing awareness to the inner child can assist with anxieties, guilt, shame, insecurity, vulnerability and anger. Unsure if you need to connect with your inner child? As an accredited ‘Heal the Inner Child’ practitioner, feel confident in taking advantage of the free 15-minute consultation to discuss the approach right for you. Please see my certificate of achievement here.

Be the person you want to be by moving on from past the and make the changes you want to see in your life.

Open up about your thoughts and emotions in a supportive environment without judgement.

Form better relationships and gain the skills and confidence to be able to communicate your emotions. 

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Break free of the past

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